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Foundation declaration of the Sahrawi Association “Regulation 6”

Unemployed Sahrawi youth face an uncertain future under the current administration of Western Sahara. The Moroccan administration has abused and deprived Sahrawi youth of the rights guaranteed by international law and humanitarian law. Nowadays, young Sahrawis cannot even hope to achieve the basic objectives of human existence, because of the exclusion and racism practised by the Moroccan institutions and administrations, which impede their right ambitions. The Sahrawis, including the sons and widows of Phosboucraa retirees, have struggled to achieve their legitimate demands, guaranteed by law, but they only encountered repression, intimidation, exclusion and discrimination from the Moroccan administration.

As a result of this situation, a group of young unemployed Sahrawis met to found the Sahrawi Association “Regulation 6” to defend their rights and carry out their demands in any possible and legal way.
In the current phase, the new peaceful strategy is structured as follows:
1_ Promoting media campaigns at international level to inform about the real situation of Sahrawi marginalisation and discrimination and about the continued looting of Western Sahara’s natural resources led by the Phosboucraa company, a Moroccan firm entirely owned and controlled by OCP.
2_ Exposing Phosboucraa’s false statements, including the declaration of the Director General of OCP who said that all the financial revenues deriving from the Phosboucraa’s activity belong to the people of Western Sahara and – according to an article quoted by the official Moroccan agency – that the number of Sahrawi employees is close to 70%, which is not consistent with the facts.
3_ Addressing the Phosboucraa company with all the peaceful methods that we consider appropriate to achieve the objectives of the Association.

In conclusion, we appeal to all free people in the world, to international associations, organizations and trade unions in solidarity with the Sahrawi youth: we ask for support against the marginalization, exclusion and discrimination we face. We also demand the international condemnation of the policy of looting Sahrawi resources without consulting their representative authorities.

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