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“It is better to die for dignity than to live without it”

– After a week of isolation and after having conducted a warning hunger strike on 12 and 13 February 2018, a strike of which the prison administration refused to issue a statement in order to confirm my hunger strike;

– After the irresponsible reaction of the director of the penitentiary institution, whodecided to transfer me to a separate cell and to deprive me of all fundamental rights, with false and absurd arguments which portrays the pressure and coercion exercised against me since my first meeting with the director of this prison;

– And because of the persistence of this coercion, and the lack of response from the Central Management to my requests; to be transferred to one of the cities of Western Sahara, and to open a serious dialogue concerning my legitimate requests:

I announce that I will go on an open hunger strike from February 27, 2018.

The strike will take place after having exhausted all options available in order to relieve the suffering of my brothers of the group of Gdeim Izik who were separated and dispersed into various prisons more than 6 months ago, following the unjust sentences delivered to us, as a result of our activism concerning the freedom, and the right to self-determination, for the Saharawi people.

Naama Abdi Moussa (Asfari)

Aarjat Prison near Rabat / Morocco.



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