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Nigeria urged to cut ties with Morocco for colonising Western Saharawi

A Leader for the Nigerian Movement for the Liberation of Western Sahara (NMLWS) Prof. Bassey Ubom has called on Nigerian government to cut bilateral ties with Morocco for allegedly colonising Western Saharawi.

Speaking at  May Day celebration in Abuja, Ubom, a senior lecturer at University of Abuja said that they would not fold their arms watching a country in Africa marginalized and colonized by an African country.

He described the action of Morocco against Western Saharawi as ‘criminality’ of the highest order and totally wrong.

According to him, Morocco has no right to colonize Western Sahara and denied them their freedom.

He emphasized on collective efforts to fights against it and ensured Western Saharawi is liberated.

He insisted that the movement would continue propagating worldwide to ensure that the right thing is done.

On workers Day, he said that Nigerian workers have nothing to celebrate about.

“What are they celebrating for? Nigerian Government has reduced Nigerian workers to a peanut”.

According to him, Nigerian workers need to be respected becouse they have accommodated enough from Governments.

He lamented that Government only remembered Nigerian workers during May Day saying this lackadaisical attitude of Government should not be accepted.

According to him, workers should know that minimum wage is their right not a privilege.


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